So I was doing my usual midnight twitter perusing and came across what Uncle Rush’s(Russell Simmons) GlobalGrind calls “Watching Over the Throne”. This is what GlobalGrind had to say:

“What’s most amazing about this project is that due to no available instrumentals of any of the Watch The Throne bangers, DJ Rob Dinero revealed he had to recreate every beat to make sure this project was possible.”

“Watching Over The Throne” is a mixture of lyrics and verses from the two greatest MCs ever, that have been edited to go with each track based on flows, concepts and feelings in the same way Jay-Z & Kanye put the original album together.”

“GlobalGrind has to admit that concept mash-up albums aren’t our favorite, but this concept album has the potential to be epic.”

Would this be the prelude to an epic album, one with the two deceased “greatests” of hip-hop? We probably would never know. Past ‘collabos’ of theirs have featured “bragfests” spiced with epic storytelling. Name one Biggie/Pac ‘collabo’ that is whack and I’d stop blogging. Hell, I’d even spend money on a Bun B or Soulja Boy album. Enjoy the listen..

Here’s a downloadable link to the track:

Download: Otis+(WoTT) with Biggie & Pac

(right-clik & “Save As” to download track)


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