Vine Updates App: Leveraging Instagram Competition?

I was just fiddling with my phone as usual at about 4:30 am in the morning, not unusual if you’re plagued with a combination of both insomnia and a debilitating Twitter habbit.

I couldn’t help but notice the prompt for a ‘Vine’ Update. Now, after Facebook announced Instagram’s new video capabilities, the buzz it generated on the internet and social networks was understandably raucous. Thunderously so. Especially with Instagram offering users 15 seconds of recording compared to Vine’s 6 second offering.


No doubt, Instagram has been around for a lot longer and boasts a much bigger user base, it didn’t stop Vine, a tweeter owned company, from catching on like wild fire. Especially, since they’re both syndicated and it’s videos are playable right on the Twitter app itself.

Vine’s new update offers a ‘post to Facebook’ option, a feature I think it didn’t have before. Instagram’s new forey into the video business is a huge threat to Vine and the potential it has to continue attracting new users whilst keeping old ones.


Is this new update Vine’s way of leveraging the competition against Facebook’s Instagram? I would’ve thought developing a Vine app for the BB10 platform would’ve been a smart move. Let me know your thoughts.


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