Kanebi’s “Don’t Mess With”: A Desconstruct

Kanebi Ndekwu wrote his first verse at the age of 13, so he claims. The Play Records recording Artist came into the Nigerian hip hop scence in 2010 with a song called MONEY ft BUSH AND RILWAN on the PLAY RECORDS OUTSIDERS MIXTAPE . He’s been on tour with Nigerian artistes such as Lynxxx , Tiwa Savage, Davido, DJzeez , Sauce Kid , EjayBlackmagic etc on the Pepsi Lynxxx and friends tour. Since then, Kanebi has put out a couple of freestyle verses online that really set a platform for his unique style. “Don’t mess with” is his latest freestyle realease which has over 7000 plus downloads online and still counting.


With lyrical bites like “Word to the Government, you people never fight fair, never get the picture cos we never have life here” and “watching Joe Kony murder every single youth”, the former, a reference to the profound irreverence of the Nigerian leadership (Kanebi’s home country) and its devil-may-care attitude towards its polity, and the latter, a reference to the world acclaimed Ugandan war-monger/perpetrator, Kanebi’s edgy lyrical delivery has always appealed to me.

I first encountered this artiste popularly known as “Ikenga” on twitter (@kanebi247), Kanebi is a lyricst with a wry sense of humor, wit, and a spikey personality that has the appeal one would expect of an entertainer, and my curiosity wasn’t satisfied until I heard him ‘burst’, and hear him burst I did. Five tracks down the alley,  I thought I should write a review for this track especially because it belts out reality, line after line, rid of all unnecessary punchlines and ‘blingyness’ that plagues Nigerian pop/hip-hop today.

On the first verse, “Call 911, they never get here, people in my city trade Blackberries for welfare” highlights poverty and the hydra-headed symptoms it begets, the last part referring to the sleazy psyche adopted by the young lasses of Naija’s big cities, trading their bodies for meagre BIS(Blackberry Internet Service) packages. I laughed at that line. But as trivial as that might sound, I think these are social endemics that should not be ignored, especially by our artistes- an anti-thesis of what global hip-hop stands for today.

So while “Don’t Mess With..” is originally Lil’ Wayne’s soundtrack, its a track you’d probably listen to over and over again, the political undertones, both domestic and international do resonate with me.

On the first verse, “Ikenga is the King and Play Nation is the kingdom” states his assertion of his irreplaceable lyrical prowess, not just to his label, but I’m guessing to the industry as a whole. While most of us appreciate a lyricist with confidence, Kanebi is void of the fakeness I see with most naija lyricists today.

In his words: “Kanebi Ndekwu, you gotta love him”

Listen: Dont’ Mess With Me

Download link below: Right-Click & Save to Download

Dont’ Mess With Me


7 thoughts on “Kanebi’s “Don’t Mess With”: A Desconstruct

  1. Sabiboy knows that boy can rap and I must say, your analytical ability of his rap styles and message david, is like non other, ur articles are precise and explanatory….ikenga keep it up blood and nice work david

  2. This is a beautiful Piece and a must read. Well done. Kanebi is a hard worker and is very dedicated to his music, I can’t wait for real talent to be recognised in Nigeria and that’s definitely him. Keep shinning and doing you hombre, your future is bright. Much love, your favourite homie xxxxxxx

  3. Loving the responses from you all. Kanebi is talented, haven’t met him yet, but I think the dude is still scratching the surface of his capabilities. Im watching his space. Thanks again guys and don’t forget to follow the blog for updates.

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